Women in Engineering - Part 2

Monday, May 09, 2011

Women Engineers out there.. PLEASE PROUD to be Women Engineer.. even sometimes we are invisible by Men Engineers but know what Women Engineers actually are bigger contributor to engineering field.. cewahhhh.. so please search on that name below..

1. Ellen Henrietta Swallow Richards - Mother of Environmental Engineering
2. Grace Murray Hopper - Computer Engineer aka Amazing Graze
3. Mary Anderson - Great Contributor to Automotive Engineering
4. Josephine Corchrane - A Great Contributor to Mechanical Engineering
5. Sheila Widnail - Aeronautical Engineer
6. Arlida Arif - Civil Engineer (MD of Karambunai Corp Berhad)

then u will totally agreed with me.. (^_^).. Thank you to my bos ir Raftah who is encourage me and NBB to join this event..

Ok.. Pict time.. as usual.. hehe


My crazy group.. me, chris, Shamala, Fadhila, Rozila

Our Lunch

Nota Kaki: Tu je la kot.. tak tau nk cite ape dah.. hehehhe

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