Belum Terlambat

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sape kate dah terlambat n kene jugak terime... ?? oppss Assalamualaikum. last night i meet my cousin at BTR.. i stayed there for 1 night. she need me... so i come to comfort her.. i knew she in the middle of her parent and herself... there has a decision to make.. Proceed or not... Honestly, from my front of view.. she should give herself time.. nothing to rush.. and her parent should understand y and she should telling the truth.. .. it doesn't matter either late or early... yeeahh i have to admit when people start arguing about age... age just a number... This is urlife.. no turning back.. think more deeply think out of box before u wanna cross the line.. from single to marry person... u still got chance before that date.. give urself some space... there still hope for u.. believe in Allah.. because He know what He plan for us.. do not give up. don't u ever ever give up... let them say what so ever they want.. but.. the most important is... urself.. pray to Allah.. Ask for His guidance...

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